Monday, August 28, 2006

Backstage: DISNEYLAND '59

here's a nice shot in volley for the great July 17th opening day parade images we saw on Patrick and Marjor P's over the last couple of weeks.

this is a 'backstage' image of the video cameras setting up for live coverage of the 'Kodak presents Disneyland '59' telecast on June 14th, 1959.

this was considered the second opening of the park as so many new features had been added. Art Linkletter again hosted the show as master of ceremonies as he did in 1955.

things are heating up as the camera crew readies for a sequence at the Mark Twain/Columbia dock queue.

also, here's a pic of a press pass for that day's event...

now here's a request all you disneyland collectors: anyone have a copy of the 90 minute live telecast from that day? we've all seen the 'Gala Day at Disneyland' theatrical film but no one i know has ever seen this footage. even Art Linkletter told me he's never seen it. i asked Dave Smith a few years back and he too said he's not aware of its existence.

i'll bet that show would be every bit as neat to watch as 'Dateline Disneyland'...

c'mon you guys! pony up!!!!


Blogger Matterhorn1959 said...

Jordan- my understanding is that KABC destroyed the film footage and no one has seen it in many years. Even Bill Cotter when he was researching his book on Disney Television was unable to find a copy anywhere. All he has in the book is a description of the film.

5:38 AM  
Blogger thepicklebarrel said...

i asked bill about it too, although i dont remember anything about the print being destroyed. it was common practice for specials to be telecined and saved for rebroadcast/archived. i'm sure this will turn up when we least expect it...

10:01 AM  
Blogger Major Pepperidge said...

Arg, I hate it when I hear about amazing stuff being destroyed! Perkypickle, would it be possible to see these a bit larger? Thanks very much for sharing.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Chris Merritt said...

Hey! No one told me you were doing this now!

But I'm glad that you are...

2:58 PM  

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