Friday, September 01, 2006


okay patrick jenkins! i'll see your Nara Dreamland and raise you with...LOTTE WORLD!!!

patrick first told me about Nara dreamland and i must admit...i was floored. how cool was that? and the fact that its so decrepit made it even more delicious.

a few years ago, i was producing a show at nickelodeon called Invader Zim. i really was trying to avoid going to Korea (where it was being animated) because i'm basically a homebody and the idea of working abroad as opposed to simply visiting as a tourist wasn't very appealing. i ended up going out of necessity and boy, i was glad i did! Korea is a terrific country!

very fascinating and neat culture all onto itself. from some of the Korean animators i was told about a fake Disneyland right there in Seoul that i would appreciate. LOTTE WORLD!

now, it's not Dreamland, but it was definitely a third rate Disneyland rip off. all the surface, and absolutely no substance of the real thing. I"M THERE!!!

as you can see above, the castle is a poor man's Cinderella Castle with a little Sleeping Beauty's Castle thrown in. the "lands" sorta followed Disneyland themes but something was molested in translation...also, very good.

when in the 'adventureland' area, i came across, "The Voyages of Sinbad" which was their version of Pirates. needless to say, Yes...yes, it was everything you'd hope for in an asian rip off of Disneyland. filled with incorrect interpretation and loaded with skeleton pirates molesting live-animatronic human women! below, some poor dead bastard is about to be killed again by walking the plank...good luck skinny!

i'll have to find the other folder with more pics but this is what i have for now.

next, this was a display that was not far from Lotte World that same day. i saw a poster for it and knew i had to go. it was the Korean Ice Lantern festival where they took a huge airplane hangar , sealed it off, pumped it full of sub zero temperatures and made huge replicas of world monuments and icons out of ice. it was visual candy for sure!

everything from frozen dinosaurs to the Forbidden City to the bow of the Titanic was featured...Korea's a neat place and i'd love to go again. in the world of cheap Disneyland rip-offs, Seoul's Lotte World is right up there!!


Blogger Matterhorn1959 said...

Very impressive Jordan. I wonder how many other Disneyland Lite parks are out there? Nara Dreamland was definitely one of the oldest.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Nice blog! You have a really interesting point of view and the the photos are amazing!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Chris Merritt said...

You could do a whole series on Disneyland "rip-offs"...

8:56 AM  

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